You Deserve Less Stress

Relaxed and Ready Book Bundle

Learn to de-stress and live a more intentional life through a  three-book set that shares proven solutions to help you relax.  Discover the secrets you need to better manage stress and lead a happier, more fulfilled life.  Order today!

  • Do you want to find ways to better manage your stress in the work place?
  • Do you often focus on the negative? 
  • Would you like to practice more mindfulness and intention?
  • Do you want a new mindset to help you achieve your goals?

America’s Relaxation Doctor®, Dr. Deitrick, has put together a Relaxation Bundle of her best-selling books that feature practical strategies to better manage your stress and be your best self. 

It's time to conquer stress and start enjoying your life!

 Dr. Deitrick’s stress reduction set features everything you need to reset your way of thinking and open your mind up to endless possibilities. 

You’ll enjoy:

A Reflective 
to Fuel Your Soul


An Inspirational 
Coloring Book to Calm your Mind


A Simple Roadmap to Reducing Workplace Stress and Frustration 


What People Are Saying


I enjoy the opportunity to practice gratitude and self-reflection. The process provides a daily reminder to be mindful and make the most of each day. 


I love watching Dr. Gorman’s live videos! They’re so helpful! If I’m having a bad day at work I remember some of the steps to follow and they really work! Love the breathing exercises and I enjoy walking even more now that I know all the benefits of doing it! 

Dr. Carol

As a physician and meditation coach, I believe in the importance of the mind body connection. Dr. Deitrick offers meaningful exercises for an individual to focus and tap into their power of their dreams and goals.

Total Value: $57.97

Total Cost for Bundle: $49.00

 (plus s&H)

About the Author

Dr. Deitrick

Dr. Deitrick L. Gorman, America’s Relaxation Doctor®, is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, speaker, blogger and four-time Amazon best-selling author. It is her mission to help individuals maneuver thru life's stressful situations at work and home by learning ways to incorporate Relaxation.

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